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Author Topic: Problem with startActivityForResult called using ui.interface.frontCall  (Read 2570 times)
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emilio a.
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« on: October 20, 2015, 11:47:21 am »

Hi, we have a crash trying to open another application in an Android device.

We try to pass a JSONObject converted to string as an extra that is required by the application and this is the error we get:

FORMS statement error number -6327.
Internal error in the run time library file ../ui/RemoteUi.c(728):lexGetToken(tokenizer) == RB.

This is the json object definition:

let ftp.json = util.JSONObject.create()
call ftp.json.put("ftp_username",ftp.usuario)
call ftp.json.put("ftp_password",ftp.clave)
call ftp.json.put("ftp_pasv",TRUE)
call ftp.json.put("ftps_mode","explicit")

CALL ui.Interface.frontCall("android",
                                ["android.intent.action.VIEW", "http://ftps://xxxx:990", null, null, ftp.json.toString()],
                                [ftp.dato_salida, ftp.extras_salida]

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