Create beautiful, enterprise apps… For both iOS and Android… Just one development cycle. Apps that are native… Offering a native user experience… And native performance. That harness the innovation
in the palm of your hand…
That seamlessly integrate on-board apps
and peripherals…
Within a single development framework.
Run apps off-line… Store data securely on-device And synchronize
with corporate servers…
Transfer data using JSON,
Restful services over https.
Model, code, debug, test, package, deploy… With one development cycle… With one development framework… With one source code. One test cycle. One development team. One support team. One app. Reduce development costs, Reduce support costs, Reduce ‘time-to-market’. Learn as you type, Test in real-time, Package and deploy on iOS and Android. Support international markets UTF8 unicode support… Mix character sets in the same app.

icon_home_brainDevelop smarter

Reduce your ‘time-to-value’ by creating beautiful, native apps for iOS and Android with just a single development cycle.

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icon_home_timesDevelop faster

Model, code, debug, test, package and deploy in a fraction of the time using Genro Studio – a development framework tailor-made for mobile enterprise apps.

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Read barcodes, QR digicodes and scan signatures. Localize staff, assets. Create proposals, close agreements, search account payables on site. Synchronize off-line data via RESTful and JSON Web services.

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icon_home_yinyangSeamless integration

Innovate by seamlessly embedding Camera, Phone, GPS, Email, Contacts, Calendar and more into your app using a single API that spares you the need to learn thousands of iOS and Android calls.

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